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Counseling Services

Luxury of unconditional respect and acceptance for the client within strict confidentiality combined with perfect professionalism and dedication

We aim to normalise the idea of psychological therapy by putting our clients at ease. We make them realise that the strength to detect and work on a problem lies within them. We facilitate the process by addressing a wide variety of issues like
Relationships Relationships


  • Pre marital education for soon to be married
  • Help build compatibility between partners
  • Educate on all aspects of sexuality
  • Couple therapy
  • Cope with relationship break-up and move on
  • Help to identify and quit a toxic relationship
  • Boost resilience after an emotional divorce
  • Provide best practices on parenting
Children and adolescents Children and adolescents


  • Handle academic stress
  • Manage family expectations
  • Set personal goals
  • Guide to abstain from substance abuse
  • Encourage healthy gender and personal values
  • Teach relationship enhancement strategies
  • Understand relationship dynamics with the opposite gender
  • Assertiveness training
Career and workplace Career and workplace

Career and workplace

  • Help in making a career choice
  • Improve workplace etiquette
  • Build and maintain better relationships at the workplace
  • Goal setting for career advancement
  • Enhance problem solving and decision making skills
  • Assertiveness training
  • Boost appropriate personal and professional communication skills
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