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Written recommendations affirming the quality of services at Psycafe help us to take up more challenges & move forward.

With the increasing number of individuals seeking psychological help, a major challenge has been appropriate referral. Over the past five years, I have readily referred clients to Dr Sangeetha. The feedback has been consistently positive. Clients have reported their satisfaction and find it easy to fix appointments and approachability. They have also stated feeling better after sessions and see progress in handling their issues. The referrals have ranged from young adults with personal or relationship issues and couples with marital issues.

Mrs A. Zarina
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology 
Women's Christian College, Chennai

Dr.Sangeetha Makesh has catered to a wide range of clients from children in need of career counselling and adults undergoing marital issues to their utmost satisfaction. She keeps abreast of the current expanding knowledge base in her field that makes her a sought after counsellor. She is a professional in a true sense as confidentiality of the client is strictly maintained. I have received positive feedback from her clients that they were able to progress within a few sessions itself. They were also grateful that she charges reasonably.

Mrs.Nazneen Polad Mogrelia
Asst Professor, Department of Psychology
Women’s Christian College, Chennai

Dr.Sangeetha Makesh is a Counseling Psychologist, who embodies professionalism and impeccable work ethics, be it psychological assessment, counselling or research. I have referred many clients to her. All of them are satisfied with the outcome of therapy and are benefitted by her rich expertise and down to earth approach to people and problems.

Associate Proessor and Former teacher of Sangeetha, Department of Psychology
Women’s Christian College, Chennai

It has been a pleasure to be associated with Dr.Sangeetha Makesh for the past two years. She has been conducting professional psychological assessments for school age children and her reports have helpful to plan our remedial training for children in the right time of their life.  Her parent counselling services have been useful for parents to take the correct direction and decision.   Many children have been able to take their board exams because her timely professional reports got them their necessary accommodations.  She is a wonderful person with the future of the child in mind. 

Dr.Phanual Presanna Robinson
Founder & Principal,
Kid's Learning Centre, Chennai

I have been utilising the services of Dr. Sangeetha Makesh for the past 8 years for psychological assessments, counselling and psychotherapy. Her assessments are very thorough, use of clinical instruments are judicious not to unnecessarily strain the patients. Many of my patients have benefited from her very professional approach in counselling and psychotherapy. 

Dr.Ravi Samuel
The Psychotherapy Clinic, Chennai

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